What is Internet2? (Also known as I2)
Why another network?
will Internet2 build a new private network to replace the present Internet?
Development in Internet2
Will internet 2 displace to the present commercial Internet?
And what of the educational institutions that are not members of the Internet 2?
Antecedentes de Internet
¿Qué es Internet2? (también conocida como I2)
¿Por qué otra red ?
¿Construirá Internet2 una nueva red privada para reemplazar la actual Internet?
Desarrollo en Internet2
¿Internet 2 desplazará a la Internet comercial actual?
¿Y qué de las instituciones educativas que no son miembros de la Internet 2?
Antecedents from Internet

The Internet of today is the investigation projects fruit and contribution among American Universities for the sixties. These projects had a strong economic support of businesses and governmental companies of the United States. Thus, Internet initially was an academic network oriented to the contribution and investigation among the different Universities that conformed this network. With the time this academic network evolved to what today is Internet, the most massive media of the planet. The central network of Internet (in its beginnings ARPAnet) passed to be NSFnet and even today is the backbone of Internet. Nevertheless after its privatization as a group with the explosion of Internet deteriorated its service and often is congested. This of course has had a negative impact in the task for which Internet initially was created, the contribution and academic investigation. A similar project al of the sixties is being carried out at present among around 190 Universities along the world. The project has as main objective to provide to the academic community of a network understood for the contribution and investigation between its different members and with this to permit the development of applications and protocols that then can be applied to the Internet of all.